Our Products

Genie Telecom Co. Limited stocks fiber optic cables, splice closures,
splicing supplies and thousands of feet of breakout and distribution
cable for custom cable assemblies.

We stock thousands of feet of fiber optic cable
and hundreds of different types of splice closures.

We also have a large stock of patch panels, splice trays, fusion splice
heat shrink sleeves and other miscellaneous splicing supplies for our
customers to help facilitate their projects

Product List

Fiber optic cables ( Aerial, Buried, ADSS, OPGW e.t.c )

Fusion Splice Heat Shrink Sleeves

Fiber Breakout Cable

Splicing tools and consumables (i.e. foam tip swabs, alcohol, mechanical splices and more!)

Fiber Optic Jumpers

Fiber Optic Connectors

Fiber Optic Patch Cords

Pigtails. And many other Fiber optic accessories